Wednesday, September 24, 2008

making it personal

Now that the summer Olympics are over, it's rare for Americans to give a thought to China. Today I ask you to do something a bit more than that. As you know, China is very near to my family's heart. It's the birthplace of our youngest child, Sara, it's the home of her birth family, and it's also where four of my soon-to-be nieces and one of my soon-to-be-nephews are now living.

If you have had any contact with the news lately, you're probably aware of an ongoing problem with tainted baby formula and milk. Several children have died and thousands more are very sick. This tainted formula has made it's way around China, including orphanages.

The parents of my five soon-to-be nieces and nephew are very, very dear friends of mine. They are my Chatty Girls (see sidebar on my blog). We received our referrals for our first Chinese daughters at the same time in 2006. Many of us traveled to China together that same year. Our lives have been intricately woven together by God, FOREVER. They are amazing woman (and family's) who have followed God's call on their life to reach out to children in need.

My heart is grieving for ALL of the children and families affected by this horrible act of evil. I really don't think that 'evil' is too harsh a word because evil is meant to steal, kill and destroy. Putting poison in something that is supposed to help children grow strong and healthy results in stealing their health, joy, peace and quite possibly, life.

Sometimes it's hard to be moved by the things we see on the news. In order to survive all of the terror, trauma and devastation that is happening around the world, we turn a blind eye, harden our hearts and try to desperately ignore it. My purpose behind this post is to make it personal. It may not be for you, but I'm asking in faith that you would please share the burden that is on my heart today.

I beg you today, to please, please allow this news story to have your full attention. I boldly ask you to join me in praying for the healing, recovery and well-being of the children affected. Please pray that God would purify any and all formula and milk products so that the children would be able to receive the healthy nutrition they both need and deserve. Please also pray for peace of mind for their parents (those in China and those waiting around the world to bring their new child home). Watching a child suffer or being concerned about their health is one of the most difficult things to do.

I'm also praying that God would get a hold of the person responsible for this heinous crime and turn their heart towards Him. That instead of choosing to do harm to the Chinese children, that he/she/they would allow God to use them in a mighty way to help improve the current situation in China, especially for those presently without a family or home. God is BIG! Just look how He used the apostle Paul!!! He can and will move mightily when His children call upon His saving grace.

I'm praying this very moment that God will work a miracle, so that each and every child affected by the tainted milk will recover fully and be able to enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE.

With hope,


Beth said...

Thank you Amy for that post. As a mom you know how the uncertainty and fears can grip us when your child is half way around the world and you have no control. Our Sovereign God IS in control and can bring us His peace and comfort.

Kim Kasch said...

Hey we both visit Rachelle Gardner's blog. I'll say a prayer about the tainted milk.

strandfam said...

Amy, thanks for being a voice for these children! Most of all thank you for your prayers for Hudson. It is a gift to our family! You are such a faithful prayer warrior and friend
much love to you, Sarah