Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm so thankful for this man, my best friend, my amazing husband. Does it get any better than this? I'm sure it will, but right now, my heart is so full of love & joy, and it's oh-so-sweet. :-)

I'm thankful for the commitment he made to me over 13 years ago in a little church, not far from where we live now.

I'm thankful for his unconditional love, especially on the mornings when I wake up looking way too scary to face myself in the mirror.

I'm thankful that he balances out my spending with his saving.

I'm thankful that he blesses me with a night off every single week (and never, ever complains about it.)

I'm thankful that he supports my hopes and dreams in so many ways.

I'm thankful that he cooks (and makes delicious tacos on Tuesdays)!

I'm thankful that he shares my love for the outdoors (esp. camping & hiking).

I'm thankful for his awesome sense of humor and the countless times we got the "church giggles."

I'm thankful for the mutual respect we share for each other.

I'm thankful for his ability to take captivating photos.

I'm thankful that we balance each other out in so many ways.

I'm thankful that he works so hard at his job in order to provide for our family; especially on days when he has to wake up painfully early to catch a shuttle flight down to CA. Ugh.

I'm thankful he wanted to add one more precious child to our family and chose to take the great adventure God placed before us.

I'm thankful that God allowed us to walk side-by-side through many, many dark valleys and brought us to the other side, still together and even more in love with God and each other.

I'm thankful for the amazing Daddy he is to our three children; and that through his example, my heart is healed a little more every day.

I'm thankful that he cleaned all 3 bathrooms, our kitchen AND mopped the wood floor this weekend, all while caring for our kiddos, so that I could go grocery shopping alone. Yes, spoiled, indeed, and no, I don't take it for granted!

I love this man that God has grafted my heart to. Today and always. For these reasons, and oh-so-many more, I am LIVING A (VERY) BLESSED LIFE!


Becki party of 5 said...

you guys make a great team, Amy! I'm thankful for both of you and your friendship! :) (now come visit again, would ya?! )

HisFireFly said...

Isn't love grand? It's what we were created for, in His image, and He Is love!